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Cake Batter Funfetti

Soft and chewy sugar cookie, with a generous helping of rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips!

12 Cookies | $20


Caramel Apple

A soft oatmeal cookie studded with apples and homemade toffee chips!

12 Cookies | $20


Chewy Triple Ginger

Spicy, rich, and chewy ginger cookies rolled in cinnamon sugar!

12 Cookies | $20


Coffee Toffee

Chewy middle, crisp edges, with homemade butter-crunch toffee chips and notes of espresso!

12 Cookies | $20


Half Baked
Chocolate Chip

Janie’s secret recipe! Chewy and caramelized on the outside, cookie-dough like on the inside!

8 Cookies | $20


Pie Crust

Best parts of the pie; A flaky crust, a thin layer of topping, and the most buttery caramelized streusel!

Summer Flavors | Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate Pecan, Pecan, Raspberry Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb

12 Cookies | $20



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🍪 attention pie crust cookie lovers!

Janie’s Pie Crust Cookies in Pecan and Chocolate Pecan flavors are now available for you to order and ship straight to your door!