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Love Pie crust?

Janie’s famous pecan pie crust cookies are now available for shipping nationwide!



Let’s celebrate!

Janie’s can cater your next special event with delicious cookies and that “wow” cake you’re looking for!


Stop by Janie’s Booth!

Queen’s Night Market

Seasonal items and a rotating selection of baked goods available for sale!

APR 20 - AUG 17
SAT: 5PM - 12AM

New York Hall of Science
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens
Corona, NY 11368

Open until midnight or until sold out!

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Welcome to the bakery!

Janie’s has been satisfying the cravings of cake, cookie, and pie lovers of NYC since 2015. Though without a brick-and-motor retail space, everyone in NYC from the locals to New York Public Radio’s Gothamist to AmNews are raving about Janie’s (the baker) talents in creating treats that satisfy even the most stern of sweet tooths! The line is always long wherever her stand is set up at local markets.

Working in Hot Bread Kitchen’s Culinary Incubator, Janie’s specializes in baking delicious cookies (Pie Crust cookie being the most well known) and bringing made-to-order custom cakes to life.


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