Chocolate, Espresso, Pecan Pie

Chocolate, Espresso, Pecan Pie


You say you don’t like Pecan Pie? You say it’s too sweet and no one eats it? You have clearly never had THIS pie. Our Chocolate, Espresso, Pecan Pie is a Pecan Pie all grown up. Crisp pecans enveloped in the most rich and gooey chocolate filling with nots of espresso (can be made buzz free).

Still don’t believe us? Listen to a customer and ex member of the Pecan Pie Haters Club:

“Janie's chocolate espresso pecan pie has been the first dessert to be finished at my family's thanksgiving the last 2 years. It was the most talked about food on the table and my mouth waters thinking about it.”

Please note that this item is NOT available for shipping, EVEN though our website will let you calculate and pay for it. This item is ONLY available for pickup and delivery in NYC.

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