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About Janie

Janie’s Life-Changing Baked Goods was founded in 2015 after Janie spent years struggling with addiction and homelessness in her early 20’s. Janie’s (formally Janie Bakes) was born out of an act of self-care as Janie was reconstructing her life and trying to stay sober. She had years of gaps in her resume, not a whole lot of work experience and no idea of what sort of career she wanted.

Eventually, Janie began to bake again, something that had always brought her joy as a child. On a whim one day, she spent $35 dollars on a cheap handheld mixer, which seemed like a huge splurge at the time. With this mixer, she found joy in baking treats for friends, and quickly people were requesting baked goods for events. At a time when Janie had no self-love, seeing the looks on people’s faces when they devoured her treats slowly filled her with pride that she had never before felt.

Fueled by the encouragement of friends, she challenged herself to see if she could sell just one pie... and she sold dozens! With those pies, Janie’s was officially born and quickly proved that it was small but strong and that just like her, it wouldn’t give up. Janie says “I never intended to be a small business owner, had no idea what being an entrepreneur meant but this path chose me and it's the most amazing ride”.

Janie is most known for being the inventor of the Pie Crust Cookie; dubbed “The Next Cronut” by top food industry experts and one of the top 20 cookies in NYC according to NPR’s Gothamist! She has been the recipient of Pepsi’s “Stacy’s Rise Project” grant and scholarship to the International Culinary Center’s Culinary Entrepreneurship Program and was a finalist on the 2018 Culinary Voice Scholarship Contest (covered by ABC’s The Chew in a 5 episode mini-series!) Currently, she is working on disrupting the cookie industry by launching her Pie Crust Cookies at Whole Food's and other supermarkets!

Janie goes above and beyond in giving back to her community - providing second chance employment, teaching baking classes to underprivileged youth in East Harlem, and donating time and cookies to local community centers and homeless shelters.

About Janie's Cookies

What Is a Pie Crust Cookie?

Inspired by Janie’s quest to get the perfectly proportioned bite of pie she invented a cookie where each bite promises the perfect balance. Each bite delivers a flaky crust, a heavenly layer of filling and buttery caramelized streusel. This cookie has won Janie all sorts of awards, made her a Food Network Chopped Sweets Champion and given her a purpose in life. These babies are great straight out of the box or bag, and freeze well (if you can resist eating them all in one sitting). BUT for a truly life-changing experience (see what we did there?!) pop them in a 350º oven for 3-5 minutes. TRUST US you'll thank us later!