Q and A

Why are items  sold out?

We put up as much product as we can make in a week, that way we can ensure that you get your orders are shipped within a week of you placing the order.  

Why do you not have my favorite cookie flavor?

We rotate our flavors weekly and it should be back soon!

When will my order ship?

We ship orders Tuesday-Friday.  If you place an order between Friday-Sunday it will ship the following week. 

How long will it take to arrive once it has shipped?

We use UPS ground and FedEx depending on where you live, both take about 2 days in transit. REMEMBER that is just the time in transit. Your order will not ship for 1-7 days after you place it so if you need them by a certain date please plan accordingly.

I was given a UPS tracking number but it says the package has not been picked up yet, are my cookies sitting in your bakery getting stale?

NO, all our orders are baked and packed to ship immediately.  If your tracking number has not gone live yet it simply means that we have not packed your order yet but will be very soon. Wait a day or 2 for the tracking number to go live before reaching out :).

Why does my tracking number say delivery canceled?

Do not panic, we did not cancel your order without telling you! At times FedEx will update the tracking number and our website does not update it. Please reach out to us at info@janiebakes.com for an updated tracking number.

What is the shelf life of you cookies?  

Our cookies are good for 2 weeks after arrival with the exception of Pie Crust Bites which are good for up to 6 months. BUT if you are not planning on eating them in the first few days we recommend freezing them to extend the freshness.   ALSO we recommend reheating them in the oven. Big cookies for 2-3 mins  and Pie Crust Cookies for 3-5 mins at 350 Degrees. 

Are you hiring?

We’re always accepting applications. Feel free to email us at info@janiebakes.com and we will hold onto your resume and reach out if we have a position open. 

Do you do catering orders?

Yes, you can pre-order for local pick up and delivery through getjanies.com up to 30 days in advance.